3 Must Haves For Private Investment Management Software

3 Must Haves For Private Investment Management Software

April 15, 2021


Choosing the right private investor management software for your company, spv or fund is essential for supporting your backend operations and ensuring positive experiences for your clients in modern times. With many software solutions currently available, you need to ask yourself, “What are the core functions I need from a solution?”

Regardless of who you work with, having an online profile for your private company, private offering and private investors is no longer an option. Investor trust depends on it.

Consider the three main necessities for choosing the right fund management software for your team:

  1. Enhanced Back Office Infrastructure For Your Company, SPV or Fund

When operating any type of vehicle (hedge fund, real estate syndication, c-corp, etc.), you may be facing pressures to keep a level of performance but need to also focus on compliance, risk, and transparency. Finding the right private investment management software and/or the right outsourced back office service is essential for alleviating pressures. Having real time reporting that investors can trust, and a technology enabled finance and accounting back office solution can take care of your accounting, bookkeeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, lending, and cash flow enhancement. 

  1. Tracking Financial Assets & Transparency For Investors

When considering features for your private investment management software, you want to have a solution that provides your investors full transparency. The interface of the investor portal software should have a simplistic look, that is clear and concise when investors are tracking their financial assets. 

List of necessary features include: 

  1. Portfolio activity dashboards, summaries and reporting
  2. Investment workflow and tracking
  3. Communication capabilities
  4. Permissioning and access
  1. Compliance

Operating any private company requires time, energy, and transparency to your investors. Having a compliant back office solution for your company, fund or spv that you and your investors can count on will help you save time by delegating compliance to a third-party service. Your investor relations, investor portal, reporting, management, and dataroom can all be streamlined all through one technology.  

Tribexa Pro provides a full stack OS enabling your spv, company or fund to have a digitally enhanced back office infrastructure while allowing real time access and transparency to investors.

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