#1 Way To Attract Real Estate Investors Online
The #1 Way To Attract Real Estate Investors Online

The #1 Way To Attract Real Estate Investors Online

May 25, 2021

The #1 way to attract real estate investors online is different than finding investors online but in the modern world of raising capital for your Real Estate business/opportunity, you have to be accessible.

That’s obvious, right?

What’s not so obvious is how investors like to find and consume their next investment opportunity and it’s not by running a key-word search around a return profile or asset class.  

I’ll say it a different way, the 8-10+ million HNW/Accredited Investors in the US aren’t just waiting to send you a check for your next deal.

Investors like to be introduced and/or referred to new relationships and opportunities by trusted relationships.  And before a real estate investor gets on the phone with you, guess where they are going to do their initial “sniff test”- ONLINE!

So, if the lifeblood of your business is attracting new capital partners, and you are actively marketing, promoting, networking and more- it only makes sense that your company, business, organization and offering(s) are available for online access. 

* The level of accessibility depends on comfortability, compliance and legal issues which we can get into in another discussion

Some may call this “being online” or “going digital” but to me, it’s simply operating a modern company in a modern world.  

You probably have a social media profile for personal (ie Facebook) or business (ie LinkedIn)- why should your entity, offering and operations be any different? 

 The #1 Way To Attract Real Estate Investors Online is having a professional, branded, secure, transparent and presentable Online Profile

Your Online Profile should provide you the ability to share access to, and track activity, around the following:





Professional Service Providers (Accountants, Law Firms)

Marketing Collateral

Diligence Items 

For a Full Online Profile and Diligence Checklist to consider for your Online Profile, download our 3rd Party Investor Due Diligence Checklist HERE

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