Real Estate Investor Relations: Top 10 Day-to-Day Activities From a High Performance IR Team

Real Estate Investor Relations: Top 10 Day-to-Day Activities From a High Performance IR Team

May 19, 2021

Whether you are working with a Third Party Administrator (TPA) or you are self administering your Real Estate Investor Relations activities, having a set framework and process to follow in  your day-to-day is critical in the post Covid world for remote IR management.

We spoke with Marci Adett, Dir of IR at Industry FinTech, who let us in on her daily list of “Must do’s” when effectively managing dozens of deals and thousands of unique, private Real Estate Investors.

“It’s important to be organized, personable and positive all day long,” Marci says. “Working primarily with Real Estate Investors, here are some of my top tasks I focus on every day:

  1. Daily confirmation of wires coming in and redemptions going out.
  2. Review incoming requests for new subscriptions/transfers/redemptions
  3. Speak with clients (issuer) and their investors throughout the day as needed
  4. Prepare new Subscription / Transfer / Redemption agreements as needed
  5. Update cap tables as needed.
  6. Audit investor files against new investments for any outstanding paperwork / upload that paperwork
  7. Send out Confirmations to investors as needed
  8. Prepare and send email blasts to investors as needed (K1s, Quarterly Statements etc.)
  9. Assist investors in opening self-directed IRAs
  10. Regulatory filings as needed”

Marci went on to explain that Real Estate Investor Relations doesn’t just end with her or the IR team. It’s important that all departments are aligned and supportive in making sure private Real Estate Investors are happy, have full transparency, are communicated with properly, security, legal and compliance standards are taken care of and there is proper tracking and reporting available at the push of a button.

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