About Tribexa

Simplicity + Security + Transparency = Healthy Companies & Happy Investors.


To enable the simplicity, security and transparency needed to compliantly capitalize the American spirit.

Entrepreneurialism is part of the American DNA. It’s one of the things that makes all American’s unique in the vast world. We are a nation of immigrants empowered by those who have embraced risk as part of starting a new life in a new country. It’s this natural behavior which continues to be passed from generation to generation.

Private Capital is the fuel that powers Entrepreneurs and their efforts. Funds, SPVs, Deals, Partnerships and Start-Up are all managed by Entrepreneurs that aggregate capital and deploy that capital to build, expand, value-add, improve or some other action verb that results in the future being greater than the present. It’s this effort that is the definitive American business model. The Entrepreneur’s efforts result in creating jobs, businesses, opportunities, capital profits and puts money in motion benefitting the Issuer and Investors as well as their portfolios. Most of this activity comes from Private Entities that are not able to access large public markets but rather rely on private Investors for their capital. The scope of this activity is estimated to be more than $1.5T a year in capital formation.

Improving that overall process has enormous benefits to the economy and all of its stakeholders. Entrepreneurial efforts make immediate and localized impacts not found in large public market transactions. For example, someone may buy shares in a publicly traded stock. That money really is being transferred from the buyer of the shares to the seller of the shares. No new jobs have been created, no new products developed, no innovation occurs. There was just money moved from one brokerage account to another brokerage account. However, if that money was provided to an Entrepreneur that buys apartment buildings, then there was a purchase of property which provided money to the brokers, lawyers and others involved in the closing. The Entrepreneur is likely to make improvements to the property to increase its value through hiring contractors and spending money on marketing and technology. Profits are distributed to Investors and the Entrepreneur is incented for success through profit sharing. That initial investment has a multiplier effect throughout the local economy.

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